Forster Motels

There is a good selection of Forster motels catering to families, friends, holiday makers and the business traveler. Explore the large coastal town in the Mid North Coast region of New South Wales, in the Great Lakes Council area.

Motels in Forster are usually cheaper than resorts or hotels but usually have amenities and facilities close to their hotel counterparts. Opting for motel accommodation is economical and will pretty much give you the same standard of accommodation that is provided in many hotels and serviced apartments and can be a more suitable option than the renowned Forster caravan parks. Question is, which motels are the most sought after and how to find them?

Many of the Forster motels provide exceptional service with upgraded facilities (spas) and friendly staff with many located near scenic spots like the great lakes and ocean with amazing white beaches. Since a lot of people are on a budget when they travel, you can generally find fantastic deals at some of the motels. Bella Villa Motor Inn is a motel located at 19 Lake St., Forster. Bella Villa is a proud non smoking motel which caters to singles up to families of five. The motel offers a free wifi connection, swimming pool, barbeque area, Austar Satellite TVs in all rooms, and a lot more. Bella Villa is also located in the heart of Forster and a stroll away to coffee shops, pubs, restaurants, and the lakes.

Another well known motel in Forster is the Island Palms Motor Inn which is a family owned business offering undeniably cheap prices compared to other motels. The motel is located at 115 The Lakes Way and is near the beaches, lakes, and other establishments. Facilities provided are up to date and this motel has a great rating on review sites.

You can also try the Golden Sands Motor Inn which is a highly recommended motel by its guests. Feedback includes exceptional customer service and great facilities. There are other great motels in the area that you can try so do a simple Google search like “Forster motels cheap” or simply click on the ‘motels’ category above and you should get a bunch of motels in the area.

Overall, motels in the region have received positive feedback and reviews from holiday makers and locals alike. Staying in a motel is widely considered to be one of the best options in which you can save big time and most of the motels are strategically located near other establishments so you will not have to commute in order to go to restaurants, pubs, and coffee shops. In short, if you plan on visiting Forster in NSW, a motel is definitely worth a try!